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  • Fluent Design System (codenamed Project Neon), officially unveiled as Microsoft Fluent Design System, is a design language developed in 2017 by Microsoft. Fluent Design is a revamp of Microsoft Design Language 2 that will include guidelines for the designs and interactions used within software designed for all Windows 10 devices and platforms.

    The system is based on five key components: Light, Depth, Motion, Material, and Scale. The new design language will include more prominent use of motion, depth, and translucency effects. The transition to Fluent is a long-term project with no specific target for completion, but elements of the new design language have been incorporated into selected apps since the Creators Update. It will have wider usage in the Fall Creators Update, but Microsoft has stated that the design system will not be finished within the timeframe of Fall Creators Update.

    Microsoft announced Fluent Design on 11 May 2017, at the Build conference for developers.

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